Alibem S/A

Client: Alibem S/A

Unit: Santo Ângelo – RS, Brazil

Processed product: Waste from pigs slaughter

Line Capacity: 8.0 Tn/h

Products Originated: Meat and Bone Flour, Pork Oil

Process Used: Continuous Processing

Automation Level: Total automation of the process

Project objective: Modernization of the flour factory, with the objective of meeting the increase in plant capacity, as well as reducing operating costs in terms of electrical energy consumption, thermal energy and operational labour.

A continuous processing line was implemented, where the waste reception, crushing and transport structure was adequate. Among the installed equipment, we highlight the installation of a DheyTécnica DHT-DC150MS Continuous Digester with processing capacity of 8tn/h, which made it possible to increase production capacity and reduce process consumption. An Extreme 4,000kg/h DHT-PVE viscera press was also installed, which provided greater fat extraction from the flour, increasing oil yields and consequently the profitability of the plant as a whole.

The following objectives were sought with the implementation of the solution: Improvement and replacement of old equipment/consequent improvement in the quality of the product/technological innovation with the implementation of the supervision system to control the entire plant.

The main differential was the implantation of the system with continuous digester that provided a single equipment for processing all the production of the unit. Also the acquisition of DheyTécnica press with opening and hydraulic cone standardized automatically the product at the exit of the press.

Alibem and DheyTécnica have been allies since 2010, and this alliance became stronger during the challenge of implementing the new FFO of the Santo Ângelo Unit.