We develop processes and equipment that provide the benefit of by-products of animal origin, aiming at final product efficiency, low energy consumption as well as the quality, always taking into account current regulations and sustainable processes. Animal blood meal comes from the process of coagulation, centrifugation, drying and grinding. It has a high protein value and high digestibility, which is why it is widely used in the formulation of animal feeds.


The collected blood is stored in a tank, later pumped to the blood coagulation equipment where the direct and controlled injection of steam occurs so that it reaches the ideal centrifugation temperature. In the centrifugal Decanter equipment, the centrifugation process takes place, separating the solid phase from the liquid phase, also called serum. Subsequently, the solid is destined for the drying process in the Continuous Dryer equipment and is finally crushed to reach the desired granulometry in the Grinding mill.

Advantages of the process

High capacity processing with low operational costs

High evaporation capacity

High quality flours and added value

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