Aiming the growing demand of the business environment for Sustainable Development and the search for economic growth, associated with preservation with the adoption of cleaner production practices and social equity, DheyTécnica develops specific solutions for each industrial segment, developing projects and supplying equipment that assists the industries in the management and treatment of waste generated in the production process. They can be classified as solid waste, atmospheric emissions, sanitary and industrial effluents.

To determine the project to be implemented, it is necessary to know the main characteristics of the industrial process and the characterization of the effluent generated, obtained through physical-chemical analysis. Knowledge of these variables is of fundamental importance in order to obtain the best charge removal efficiency in the treatment process.

The Treatment of Industrial Effluents is made up of stages, among which we highlight: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Treatment System, Reuse, and Sludge Processing.


Primary Treatment Systems


Secondary treatment system (Activated Sludge)


Tertiary Treatment System


Sludge Dehydration System


Steam Drying System