The objective of the Steam Drying System is to reduce the volume of generated sludge. Aiming to reduce transportation costs and the possibility of using this dry material for burning or as fertilizer, DheyTécnica’s Steam Drying System provides, through indirect thermal exchange process, the reduction of moisture present in the sludge, being able to obtain solid content of 85% to 95%.

The efficiency of the Steam Drying System and the destination of dry sludge are conditioned to:

  • Mud characteristic;
  • Calorific value;
  • Sludge moisture percentage;
  • Amount of available steam.

The drying process consists of receiving the dehydrated sludge that is conditioned in a hopper, and through a conveyor thread the sludge is transferred from the hopper to the dryer, where the thermal change and water evaporation take place, the dried sludge is unloaded through the outlet conveyor thread and can be stored in bags, buckets or silos.

The Rotary tubes dryer performs drying through indirect contact thermal transfer, using steam as fluid. The steam circulates through the rotary shaft with a large thermal exchange area and in its body.

The dry sludge can be used as an energy source (mixed with sawdust to feed boilers) or as organic fertilizer, depending on its characteristics.

Advantages of the process

Reduced storage and transportation costs

Use of dry material for burning or as fertilizer, depending on the characteristics of the product

High production efficiency

Continuous operation

Low maintenance cost

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