We develop processes and equipment to serve the animal protein recycling industry focused on final product sustainability, reliability, energy efficiency and quality, offering personalized solutions for the best financial return for our clients, meeting safety and environmental standards.

The flour from the poultry viscera process is rich in protein and fat, has high palatability, and has advantages in rations formulation for cats, dogs and fish, allowing greater and better use in the cost/benefit ratio.

DheyTécnica offers solutions in processing through bulk system and continuous system and low temperature systems.


Cooking and dehydration process in individual bulk volumes. It enables intermittent work, greater flexibility for processing different raw materials and final products, and is the most recommended process for small productions.


Cooking and dehydration process with continuous feeding and extraction. Provides greater standardization of final products, savings in electrical and thermal energy.


Low temperature process performing a process of energy recovery by vacuum evaporators providing great thermal energy savings.


Advantages of the process

High capacity processing with low operational costs

High evaporation capacity

High quality flours and added value

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