Fider Pescados

Client: Fider Pescados (Grupo Mcassab)

Unit: Rifaina – SP, Brazil

Processed product: Waste from fish slaughter (Tilapia)

Line Capacity: 3,5 Tn/h

Products Originated: Low Ash Fish Flour, High Ash Fish Flour, Fish Oil

Process Used: Continuous Low Temperature Processing

Automation Level: Total automation of the process including energy consumption and productivities management indicators.

Objective of the project: The waste generated until then was commercialized in an in-natural way at market value, with the implementation of this project it was possible to add value to this waste through obtaining high value-added products such as fish flour. Low Ash, High Ash fish flour and fish oil, products that are exported by the client. In addition to contributing to the environment with the correct management and destination of waste.

It was a pioneer project in Brazil with the use of 100% national low-temperature processing technology (until then there were only imported technologies). It was one of the first waste processing plants to have process indicators taken in time, such as energy consumption control, steam consumption control; in-natura product input control and finished product output control, thus generating a series of efficiency indicators.