Blood coagulation and dehydration

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The DheyTécnica blood coagulation and dehydration system was developed for processing animal blood in natura, from the slaughter of poultry, pigs and cattle, transforming it into blood flour.

The process for obtaining blood flour consists in the following stages:

Coagulation: The blood is collected from a reservoir and pumped to the coagulator where direct steam injection occurs. Then it continues through a serpentine, where it coagulates for the subsequent centrifugation process.

Dehydration: The coagulated blood is dehydrated by the centrifugation process, through a Centrifugal decanter, which separates solids and liquids, resulting in a mass with approximate 55% humidity.

Advantages of the DheyTécnica’s System:

  • Higher quality of the final product
  • Low operational cost
  • Automated system with control via PLC and supervisor
  • Continuous processing system
  • Easy operation

Applicable for:

Poultry, Pigs and Cattle