Concentration (Evaporation)

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The Falling Film Evaporator is part of the low temperature process, in this process, the raw material is pre-heated and pressed while still wet, extracting much of its moisture with the oil, in a Tridecanter the moisture is separated from the oil and from the residues resulting in a protein broth called tail water. The tail water is processed in the Evaporator where it is concentrated and returns to be dosed at the dryer inlet with the rest of the solids.

The thermal energy used in the first effect (tower) of the evaporator is the steam of the raw material extracted from the dryer; the steam extracted from the tail water concentrated in the first effect is used as energy for the second effect of the concentrator, being able to repeat this process in more effects if necessary. To have an efficient evaporation using these recovered vapours as energy, the evaporator works under vacuum, thus the moisture evaporates at low temperatures. The last one is the condenser, where the vapours extracted from the tail water concentrate are condensed again and sent to effluent treatment.

Applicable for:

Poultry and fish

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